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Grooming The Havanese

                 The Havanese is a happy breed causing much delight amongst the exhibitors as more and more enter the conformation rings. The sight of this little Cuban export happily parading himself around the ring is a sight to see. Our standard states under presentation:  The dog should be shown as naturally as is consistent with good grooming. He may be shown either brushed or corded. His coat should be clean and well conditioned. In mature specimens, the length of the coat may cause it to fall to either side down the back but it should not appear to be artificially parted. The long, untrimmed head furnishings may fall forward over the eyes, naturally and gracefully to either side of the skull, or held in two small braids beginning above the eyes, secured with plain elastic bands.     (No ribbons or bows are permitted.) 

Text Box: 	Minimal trimming of the hair at the inside corner of the eye is allowed for hygienic purposes only, not in an attempt to resculpt the planes of the head. Minimal trimming around the anal and genital areas, for hygienic purposes only, is permissible but should not be noticeable on presentation. The hair on the feet and between the pads should be neatly trimmed for the express purpose of a tidy presentation. Any other trimming or sculpting of the coat is to be so severely penalized as to preclude placement. Because correct gait is essential to breed type, the Havanese should be presented at natural speed on a loose lead	
The following advise is mostly for the people that want to keep their  Havanese in a fully show coat. If you want to keep your Havanese in a shorter coat for ease of maintenance, click here for a puppy clip. 
	Our Havanese coat is expected to be soft and light in texture and I have heard a good definition that states it should look and feel like raw silk. It should not feel like a Maltese coat which is more like refined silk. Of course the Maltese is a single coat and our coat is a double coat. The Maltese also ought to hang straight and smooth which is a fault with the Havanese. Our standard requires a slightly wavy coat but not a really curly coat, nor a coarse wiry coat. He is also not allowed to be trimmed except for inside corner of the eye, feet and the regions of the anal and genital areas. He is to be a naturally outlined breed. He does have an interesting outline with his rise and the flashy short upper arm action. This characteristic spring lends enjoyment and energy to the presentation of this breed. So, what to do? The dangers are to go too straight and flat or too full and too much wave. A happy balance is the order. The first thing to do to get this look is to start with your grooming routine. 
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