Amoritas HavaneseDad in Cuban Navy

My Dad when he was in the Cuban Navy

Trixie and ShogunMom and Freddie

My Mom and Freddie , my brother

Teri and DinoMastiff puppyAlex and Buttercup

Sand Castle— Mastiff puppy

Alex and Buttercup

Teri and Dino completing in a Hunter Class

Trixie winning Maiden Race

Show’em Trixie winning her Maiden Race first time out.

Horses running in pasture

Trixie, Quelo, and Tomahawk having fun.

The Figueroa family on the porch.

Figueroa Family on porch

About Us

   Our family’s relationship with the Havanese dates back many years. My parents and brother immigrated from Cuba during World War II. My dad went from being in the Cuban Navy to joining the US Navy. We continued visiting Cuba until Castro came into power and I still have fond memories of my Abuelito’s family pets, a pair of Havanese named Tito and Quetta.

   In 1967, I became interested in Mastiffs. I bred and showed several of them to championships as an owner handler. We have had Mastiffs in our lives until my last old friend past away at the age of 10 in 1995. We continued to have dogs and cats, but most of them were adopted from the local animal shelter. 

   In 1987, Teri, my youngest daughter, became interested in  Equestrian Hunter/Jumpers. Teri was participating in the Hunter/Jumper circuit, and I was so proud of her on the day that she started beating professional riders to win her classes. We started breeding and training Thoroughbred horses. During this time, we learned a great deal about movement and how good athletic horses are put together. We sold horses to other people in the sport from all over the country.

   When Teri went away to the University and started her own life, we had some very athletic young Thoroughbreds on our farm. We had friends that were into horse racing and showed us how we could race a horse and still have very sound horses at the end of their racing careers. Once they ended their racing careers, our horses came home to retire and to become outstanding broodmares. We still have the last mare we raced and last year she gave us an outstanding colt.

   Several years ago, we decided to revive the family relationship with the Havanese after the connection was brought up by my daughters Kathy and Jeannie.  While Kathy was documenting the Figueroa family history, and after Jeannie took a trip to Cuba to visit our family, the Havanese kept coming up in conversation. My wonderful memories of the Havanese were all of happy little clowns that I had spend many happy hours with them at my grandfather’s house in Cuba.

   Now I am sharing the wonderful world of exhibiting and breeding dogs with my grandchildren. It is great to be part of family of animal lovers.

   My goal is to breed companion dogs that are as close to the standard as possible. They need to be athletic, confident, and happy so that they can function as they were intended.  Nothing is more wonderful than having a Havanese puppy who is ready to participate in a wide variety of activities – Family Pet and Companion, Showing in Confirmation, Therapy Dog, Obedience, Agility, and many more. 

There are pictures of Alex and Shogun above. Thought you might like to see how they have grown up together. Alex has a wonderful way with all animals.

Alex and horseAlexAlexAlexAlex

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Trixie and 1 day old Shogun