The Girls

Amoritas La Pollita

Pollita is a beautiful silver and tan. Her mother is our wonderful Quilo. Pollita is one of most fun loving dog that you will ever meet. She loves nothing better than to be on your lap giving kisses. She will do anything to be with you and has been know to climb 5 foot fences just so that she can be with you. As you can see from her pictures, Poe always has a smile for you.

El Morro Chiquitica Asi

Chiqui lives up to her name for she just oozes of attitude. She adopted her name at her first CKC show when she sat down and wouldn’t move for anything, food nor squeaky. She loves to dart from one end of the house to the other. She’s very competitive, thinking she has to be better than everyone at everything and her favorite pastime is stealing toys, out leaping, out dancing and out begging our other Havanese. Hopefully, she’ll continue to bring that behavior into the ring and out ‘show’ everyone for us.

HavaneseAmoritas Havanese



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Amoritas Caliente

Caliente is just like her name “Hot”. She is the daughter of Jasper and Quilo. She is a talking clown like her Daddy and fun loving like her mother. From the day she opened her eyes, we both knew that she would be with me forever. Caliente sleeps with me every night. I will never be cold when she is around.

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