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El Morro Carita Linda

Little Linda is the cuddle bug of the group. However, this doesnít† mean she isnít playful. She will dance playfully out of reach whether playing with person or dog. But when night falls itís her that is cuddled up to you.

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Salemi Bella to El Morro

We flew to Hungry in 2003, and brought Bella home. Though she is a Hungarian dog, her father is Cuban. The mix has proven phenomenal. Her personality is perfect, coat profuse and her confirmation almost flawless. We just love being assaulted by her flurry of kisses.

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Deme Un Quilito Aqui

Our Quilo is definitely unique. She loves her squeaky toys, is incredibly athletic and will jump great lengths or heights to gain your attention. She even whines and grunts affectionately while pawing playfully at your hands, reminding you to pet her.



Amoritas Pensamento Aqui

We decided to keep Rosa almost immediately. Her conformation was wonderful, and she was happy go lucky and full of energy. As she grew, she developed wonderfully. She has been a terrific addition to our family, entertaining us all the way with her skillful kung-fu. Her mother is Linda (featured on our ĎRetiredí page) and her father is Ch Magicalís Justis for All (owned by El Morro Havanese).

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