Amoritas HavaneseHavanese enjoying his toy. Havanese

Quilo having fun at a show.

   Amoritas means little lovers in Spanish, and this is a perfect definition for the Havanese. They are wonderful happy clowns that are eager to please; and with their comical antics and expressions, they’re clowns that you can’t help but love. Even when they’re into their worst mischief, you can’t help but laugh. The Havanese is sturdy for a toy breed, and need to be so, because they love to play endlessly with children. Our Havanese puppies are bred and raised to be out-going, affectionate, confident, healthy, intelligent, and beautiful.


   If you are lucky enough to own one of these small companion dogs, you must understand that they were meant to be companions. They need to be with their family and don’t do well if left alone a great deal of the time. They can become lonely and depressed if isolated for long periods. Havanese are indoor dogs and should not be left outside for long spans of time. Our Havanese live in our home and are all family pets.


   Most breeders will agree that the Havanese’s eyes are their most special feature. Their eyes have long been regarded as having an almost-human expression. They can create an instant bond with just one glance. It does not matter if the Havanese is a male or female, young or old, the Havanese can be expected to steal your heart.

Pollita enjoying a toy - Havanese, Havanese for sale, Havanese Puppies

Quilo is thinking about how she can make us happy

Havanese relaxing

Chiqui, Jasper, and Alfi are relaxing after hard work!!

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